Introducing the First Formulas
Specifically for Young Adult Dogs
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    Your dog’s voice may not be changing, but his body certainly is. Young Adult dogs need the right nutritional balance while maturing into adulthood. Set up your dog now for a lifetime of good health and optimum weight.
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    Just like in human teens, the brains of Young Adult dogs are still developing. Unexpected behaviors like "forgetting" previous training are common. Natural DHA in fish oil helps promote healthy growth and development of your dog's brain and nervous system.
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    Young Adult dogs can gain weight too rapidly without the right balance of nutrition and calories—especially once they’ve been spayed/neutered. Feeding them a Young Adult Formula
    now can help prevent unwanted weight gain that’s hard to lose later.
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    Your puppy’s at that “in between” stage—not quite ready for an adult maintenance diet yet. Prepare your Young Adult dog nutritionally for a long, healthy adulthood.
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    You know that awkward teenage look—all puppy paws and bounding legs. Young Adult dogs’ bones are getting stronger as muscles become more coordinated. Now there’s a Young Adult formula with balanced calcium and phosphorus for bone growth and development.
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    Is your dog either on or off? Overexuberant behaviors like jumping up, leash pulling and chewing are common for Young Adult dogs. Keep their energy levels more even with a targeted formula.
Find out the age range and signs of dog adolescence.
Between puppyhood and adulthood, dogs have unique nutritional needs.
Introducing the first formulas that specifically target the needs of Young Adult dogs.