Introducing the First Formulas
Specifically for Young Adult Dogs
Young Adult dogs have distinct nutritional needs for this stage of growth and development. How dogs eat as adolescents (6 months to 2 years of age) impacts how their brains and bodies develop, and how well they’re able to maintain a healthy weight throughout their lives.
Young Adult dogs need food that’s uniquely formulated to:
Providing the right balance of calories to minimize excess weight
Including calcium to build strong bones as your dog grows
Enhanced with DHA from fish oil for healthy brain and nervous system development
Changing Nutritional Needs
A dog’s nutritional needs change dramatically between puppyhood and adulthood.
Young Adult dogs still need some (but not all) of the nutrition they did as puppies. But they also require more “grown up” nutrition, too.
Curbing Obesity—Before It Begins
Did you know that the rate of overweight/obesity in dogs significantly increases during the Young Adult life stage (from 14.2% to 24.4%)?
Neutering/spaying is an important decision every pet parent makes. Research has proven that after dogs are spayed/neutered, they’re prone to weight gain if they don’t change their diet. Excess weight can contribute to potential health concerns and decrease life expectancy. 
The fact is simple: Your dog’s dietary needs change throughout life, and providing the right nutrition at the right time can make a difference.